Discovering Mareis

Inaugurated in 2001, Mareis, the sea fishing discovery centre is born from the desire to preserve and spread the regional maritime culture, a true local identity sign. Definitely part of a contemporary world, Mareis makes a point of introducing the fisherman work, using the example of local practice (from Etaples and Boulogne). Well-known throughout France for its know-how and its quality, the fishing from Etaples is firmly rooted in the traditions of the fishing city.


Mareis explores the fisherman’s job and enables you to experience an immersion at the heart of the fishing from Etaples. Once the guided visit has begun, your senses will be stimulated, from smell to sight but also touch; all what you need to discover the world of the seaside town and the species from the Channel and North Sea. Through the comments of your guide, a former sailor, the underwater camera but also the lights reflecting on the 500 animals from the aquariums, Mareis offers you a unique moment to relax and to discover, so as to understand one of the oldest job of the world.

The visit of Mareis

Even though Mareis can be self-visited, we strongly recommend you to take advantage of the guides at your disposal without paying any extra. The starts of the guided visits take place every half an hour in high season and every hour in the low season. The visits are conducted by guides with experience: former fisherman, fisherman’s daughters or wives etc.

Each visit is unique and with a personal touch, according to the experience of each of our guides. After a free visit in the temporary exhibition space, the guide pick you up and the visit can begin. There are two stages :


The guided tour (1h15)
After passing through the exhibition hall, the guide takes you upstairs (lift or stairs), where the visit of Mareis begins. Thanks to the guide, you discover the fisherman’s job throughout a fun and surprising visit! With its up-to-date facilities (TV, camera, enlightened models, actual-size reconstructions) and a high-quality set design, the immersion is complete !

Take a guided tour for an hour to see if you have good sea-legs: will you have basic seamanship? Will you recognize fishes which are hidden under sand or behind the rocks? At the end of the visit, the sea will no longer be a secret for you !


The self-guided tour (1h)
After spending one hour with the guide, you are free to explore the premises at your leisure. In Mareis, 75 different species and more than 500 animals await you in the Mareis’aquariums. From the conger measuring more than 3 meters in height to the sea horse of only 10 centimeters, the fauna and the flora from the Channel and the North Sea reveal themselves under your eyes.

The new animals nursery can be at any time the scene of a birth, be watchful!

At least, the tactile basin is the final touch of the visit, where skates but also turbots swim while you can touch them. Before leaving, do not forget our souvenir shop and our visitors’ book in order to share your thoughts on Mareis and to leave with a souvenir !


Reflets du large exhibition

Immerse yourself into the seaman’s job thanks to the “Reflets du large” exhibition, a photo report from a fishing season.




Since 2012, a photo exhibition has been added to Mareis’ permanent collections. As a photo reporter, Luc Moleux has always been fascinated by the maritime activity of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region and its seamen. For Mareis, he embarked on trawlers from Etaples in order to immortalize this job, regarded as one of the most dangerousin France. On his photos, you can feel the anxiety on the faces of these close and united men, facing daily risks, but above all the passion for their work. The main objective of the exhibition is to provide testimony on an activity more human than economic, following the pace of a hard work and difficult working conditions, in 30 pictures, providing a fairview of the seamen today.

« Reflets du large » can be self-visited, at your own pace.
Each visit could go on, without any extra, with a guided visit of Mareis.

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