icon_puce  Maréis invites you to discover the work of a fisherman in Etaples which is well-known in France for its quality and savoir-faire. And so are the different species from the Channel and the North Sea. Thanks to a surprising and entertaining visit, your guide will bring you from the dockyard to the open sea. You will discover the different fishing techniques, and you will learn more about life on a trawler where fishermen work day and night to bring fresh fish.


icon_puce  Before you turn into a good fisherman, you will receive skills on how to navigate and how to make a knot such a genuine fisherman. The seaside won’t have any secrets to you anymore : thanks to an underwater camera which is under the water you will watch a seabed full of surprises !


icon_puce  Around the quay where the fresh fish stands, you will know more about the future of fishing and the best way to deal with that precious resource. In Maréis, you will learn to be a more responsible consumer by knowing how to choose your fish, for example.


icon_puce  To finish that rewarding visit, huge aquariums full of different species are waiting for you. There are 140 000 liter of

water full of 500 animals from the 3 meters wide conger to the barely 3 centimeters high seahorse.



All of these species are coming from the Channel and the North Sea. Before leaving don’t forget to visit our nursery : in this place there are young skates and sea-dogs who could hatch at any time ! And last but not least, there is the main feature of the visit which is the tactile tank. There, both adults and children could put their hands in the water to stroke skates and turbots.


This visit will be a funny experience of two hours for your whole family !


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